Charlottesville Cooking School

Everyday Cooking Skills
All classes are free of gluten, dairy, and eggs…but not of Deliciousness!

Are you afraid of the kitchen?

Do you want to have more confidence in the kitchen but have no idea where to start?

Would you love to be a master with your knife?

Then join me at The Charlottesville Cooking School for Everyday Cooking Skills.

You’ll leave this class having the confidence you need to rock it in your kitchen!

DATE: Saturday, May 3 and Sunday May 4

TIME: 1-5:30 pm

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“Rock Your Knife” Cooking Class

Do you feel lost in the kitchen?

Do you look at amazement when you see chef’s cutting so quickly on t.v.?

Are you bewildered when you read a recipe and it has words like julienne, matchstick and small dice?

If so, this is the class for you!

By the end of the class you will know how to:

*Cut like a pro so you can impress your family & friends

*Save time in the kitchen

*Prepare simple, quick healthy dishes with ease

*Move with grace in the kitchen with less stress on your body so you have more energy for the rest of your life

Trust me, knowing how to “Rock Your Knife” will change your life!

And, what makes this class so unique is that you will not only be taught knife skills that will change your life by a professional chef,  you’ll learn how to hold your body with a fluid of movement that is free of tension by an Alexander Technique Teacher* (who happens to be my amazing sister-in-law) PLUS there will be another trained chef to assist.

If you go to an other cooking school there is usually 12 people to 1 teacher–you definitely don’t get the attention you’ll get here.

(*Alexander Technique  is an amazing education system that aims to improve posture and movement and promote the efficient use of muscles–which of us couldn’t use that?)

After this class you will :

* Have More confidence in the kitchen

* Know how to “rock your knife” and cut like a pro

* Be more comfortable in your body while preparing food

* Know time saving techniques that can reduce your time in the kitchen

* Have a sharp knife that will change how you feel about being in the kitchen

* Feel satisfied after eating a delicious healthy meal

“I never realized how hard I was making it to cut an onion. Heather showed me how easy it is and just that tip alone has saved me so much time in the kitchen”  Olivia T, Philadelphia, PA

In order for you to get the attention you deserve, this class is going to be limited to 5 people!

Make sure to sign up TODAY so you don’t miss your spot!

When: TBD–if you’d like to schedule a class with a few close friends, email me:

Where:  At a lovely home in Charlottesville (address given upon registration)

Time: 10 am -1:30 pm

Investment: $85

This price can’t be beat!  There will be a total of 5 student & 3 teachers,  1:1 instruction. AND, you will eat your creations–seriously….it’s a steal!

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